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Nicholas Hope

Currawong has entered into a special projects partnership with renowned actor, writer, director, NICHOLAS HOPE.

Using their ying-yang creativity - as  well as a secret rock & roll history - the pair are sharing the producer hat on a number of innovative projects for Australian and international television audiences.

Blood Coloured Sand

Blood Coloured Sand is a forensic drama where dual directors jostle for the truth about two massacres, one black, one white, that stands as one of the darkest events in South Australia’s colonial story.

Blood Coloured Sand

Henry Lawson's 1908 poem - One Hundred and Three - provides the catalyst for a documentary that explores the themes and reality of the contemporary prison experience.

One Hundred & Three Henry Lawson Jail

One Hundred & Three

One Hundred & Three

Behind the Scene

Television Arts Programming - Iconic scenes from Australian Cinema are revisited by the filmmakers who created them with their untold stories of the laughs, pain and the accidents that fashioned such classic moments.

Behind the Scene Australian Film
Everything but Nothing Copyright Ownership

Everything but Nothing

Five part television series - One man's journey to discover the truth about ownership in the 21st century and his legal jousts against some of the biggest, most powerful and greediest of owners.

A string quartet trade in their classical repertoire for the classics of Girl Rock and discover a world where they're empowered because they are so out of control.

Six part comedic drama.

The Fubbs